• Booking Confirmation

  • This is a confirmation that we have successfully processed your transaction.

    Rehearsals booked can be cancelled for a full refund up to 48hrs before the session. Rehearsals canceled within 48hrs of the session will be charged 50%. No refunds will be given for cancellations on the day of the session. To cancel your appointment, please consult your booking confirmation email.

    ——COVID 19——

    The following rules and procedures have been put in place to minimise the risk of infection between customers and staff. We respectfully ask that all band members who plan on attending the studio read these rules beforehand.

    We will be operating a track and trace compliant service. The person booking the rehearsal will be our point of contact. If anyone in your band develops symptoms and you have visited the studio in the previous week please contact us and let us know so that we can inform other people who may have been affected.


    • If you have any COVID related symptoms do not attend the studio!
    • Masks must be worn on arrival and departure of the studio and in all public areas whilst inside (hallways,toilets etc).
    • The kitchen will not be available for use by bands. Please bring your own refreshments (and take away your rubbish).
    • We will provide one bottle of water for each band member free of charge for all rehearsals.
    • Please ensure you finish your rehearsal promptly, allowing enough time to put instruments away and leave at the correct time to allow for cleaning before the next band.


    • All mic stands, drum shells and hardware will be wiped down with anti-viral solution after each rehearsal.
    • Mixing consoles and Amp controls will be loosely covered with plastic film but usable. These coverings must be kept in place and will be changed after every rehearsal.
    • Hand sanitiser will be available in all rooms for band members use.
    • All mic’s now have foam covers which will be changed after every band and washed every night. These must not be removed.