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  • s9fifty Community Workshops

    We have designed our workshops with young people in mind. They are fun, interesting and aim to promote self confidence, team work and respect for others.

    All workshops take place at our purpose built recording and rehearsal facility @ Glenrothes, Fife. Workshop times are flexible: daytime, evening and weekends are available. Workshops can be tailored to suit groups between 3-12 participants.

    All s9fifty staff have been disclosure checked by Fife Council and have experience dealing with young people from all backgrounds. The following will give you an idea of what we can do but we are more than willing to customise the activities to suit your group.

    Get in touch and we can discuss your groups needs.

  • Karoake Recording

    Using our state of the art studio, young people can record their favourite song. We supply professional backing tracks and lyrics for the chosen songs when you arrive. (Can also be sent in advance)

    We will introduce you to the basics of microphone technique and help you ensure you get the best results from your recording. You will then be invited to watch your track being mixed and mastered in the control room with our producer. Finally everyone will receive their own personalised CD to take away with them.

    COST: £25 per Person (Please allow at least 30 mins per person for 1 track)

  • Introduction to DJ Techniques

    A professional DJ will firstly give you a demonstration of what is possible using the different pieces of equipment. You will then be given some basic tuition in mixing, beat matching records and scratching. Now its down to you! Practice your new skills and maybe create your own mix.

    COST: £75 per Hour / £125 for 2 Hours (Suitable for up to 6 participants)

  • Percussion Workshop

    Come into the studio and take part in one of the oldest group activities in the world. We have all sorts of percussion instruments from full drum kit's to small hand held blocks. Learn about different drums and percussion instruments. Work together with our tutor to build up different rhythms and beats. Play with others in a group to create a finished performance.

    COST: £75 per Hour / £125 for 2 Hours (Suitable for up to 12 participants)

  • Radio Show Production

    Come into the studio and pre record your own radio show. Work with your group to divide tasks such as presenting, engineering and producing. Write a script, choose the music and come up with ideas for interesting items. Record all your parts using our specially designed vocal booth. Then move into the control room to work on the production, adding jingles and effects. Finally everyone will receive their own personalised CD with the show recording.

    COST: 3 Hours (Half Day) £125 / 6 Hours (Full Day) £250  (Suitable for up to 12 participants)